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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tale of Two Briskets

Photo and Brisket by Ree Drummond, thepioneerwoman.com

When it comes to Passover brisket, who ya gonna trust? Bubbe or a shiksa that lives on an isolated cattle ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma?
Sorry, Bubbe. I made two briskets this year, yours and Ree Drummond's (thepioneerwoman.com),
and Ree's was so tender, so delicious and the talk of the Seder. The crazy thing is, it was so simple. Ketchup and onion soup mix. That's it. No beer, no cranberry sauce, no BBQ sauce. Ketchup and onion soup mix.
I think it's the technique that makes it so good. After Drummond mixes the ketchup and onion soup mix, she lets the brisket marinate 12-24 hours. Then she covers it with foil, puts in a 275-degree oven and cooks it for 6-8 hours. For the complete recipe, click here.
That gal from Pawhuska sure knows her brisket! But Bubbe, no one can compete with your noodle kugel!

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Love it....I'm on this one! Nothing could be easier! Thanks Judi!