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Monday, March 31, 2014

Make-up Maven at Saks, Short Hills

Sugar Mommy, I miss you but my waistline doesn't! Former Sugar Mommy (she'll always be Sugar Mommy to me), Lori Levenson, has turned her artistic talents to make-up. Instead of making sugary, sweet cupcakes this Make-Up Maven is ready to make you look sweet...or glamorous...or just better!    
Pre-kids, pre-cupcakes, Levonson was a make-up artist at Barneys at the Bobbi Brown counter. Now she's at Saks in the Mall at Short Hills stationed at the Chanel counter. From creating a smokey eye to finding the right foundation, Suga ..um, Lori, will guide you to the right products with humor and without being pushy. She even guided me to a product outside her line because she felt it was the most beneficial.
The goodies I bought are shown above. I went in specifically for foundation and am very happy with the formula and color Lori picked for me. I've been using the Perfection Lumiere Long-Wear foundation ($57) for a week now and find it easy to apply, with good coverage and lasts for the day. I love that it has sunscreen in it and it comes in 20 shades.  For lips, Lori picked Aqua Crayon Lip Colour Stick in Brown Copper ($29) as a liner and finished with Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color ($35). Both glided on easily and helped soften and condition my lips. I was going to skip the liner since I had a few (quite a few!) at home that I liked, but I am so happy I bought it. The color is really beautiful and it goes on so smoothly. I also really appreciate that its self-sharpening so the line is always precise and my make-up counter is free of pencil shavings.
At my next visit, Lori promised to teach me how to apply false eyelashes--wink!
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