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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beauty and the Bird

  The turkey is out of the oven. It's brown, beautiful and cooked to perfection. There's just one thing left to do before calling everyone to the table. Carve the bird. The operative word is "carve" not hack. With a little patience, a youtube video (I like this one from Whole Foods) and the right tools, you'll get the bird on the platter in no time.
     It's imperative to start with a sharp knife and sturdy fork.  If you have a carving set, now's the time to check the edge and have it sharpened professionally or do it yourself with a sharpening block.

     Time to buy? Invest in a quality set, such as Wusthof's Classic Ikon set (#9647). It will help you slice your way into the Turkey Hall of Fame. The knife edge features Wusthof's patented PEtec -- Precision Edge Technology -- for razor-sharp blades that retain their edge longer. The new angle has been reduced from 38 degrees to 28 degrees  to reduce drag when slicing through meat. Let's eat! www.metrokitchen.com, $229.99
wusthof carving set

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