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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sake to Me


Ordering a "sake" is like saying to a waiter, "I'd like a glass of wine." Well, what kind?


Just as wine is made from grapes, sake is made from fermented rice, and like wine, there's an incredible variety of styles and alcohol content.

   At  Sake in the City, I sampled all kinds, from Shochikubai Mio Sparkling Sake, which was light, sweet, bubbly and low alcohol (5%) to the robust Cowboy Yamahai (19% abv) designed to be paired with beef.
   Speaking of beef, what better type to enjoy with a sake  than Japanese Wagyu? Highly regarded for its smooth texture, juicy flavor and marbling, wagyu beef is increasingly being found at the finest restaurants and gourmet markets.
    I found out first hand why Americans are embracing wagyu and willing to pay a premium for it. Samples of the highest grade wagyu, A5, proved to be incredibly delicious and tender. A carnivore's dream with zero fuss;  it was simply seared and seasoned with just salt and pepper.
Saki in the City, Discover Japanese Wagyu presented by JETRO, Japanese External Trade Organization

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