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Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Fly through Airport Security

   I don't need your approval and you don't need (or want) mine. However, the TSA's approval is something we all want at the airport.

    With "TSA Pre-Check" printed on your boarding pass,  you can leave your shoes on while going through security. Wait, it gets better; you don't have to be 75 for these perks.There's a special line (more special than Premiere Access) and you are allowed to keep on a light sweater and your belt. Best of all, you can LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP IN YOUR BAG! 

    The program, not to be confused with Global Entry with its fees, fingerprints, and applications, automatically grants status to certain frequent flyers based on risk assessment.  You can also apply here,

Two caveats:
1)You still have to surrender your yogurt and 2) be careful of your shoe choice. As I smugly walked through the screening both,  the alarm sounded and everyone behind me tskd and sighed. I had to go back and sheepishly put my metal studded smoking slippers through the scanner!  Below: What Not to Wear!

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