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Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Day at Duke Farms, Hillsborough, NJ

Whether she was surfing in a competition or working in a canteen for sailors, billionaire heiress, Doris Duke, always made headlines. The "Worlds Richest Girl" loved animals (her menagerie included a pet camel) and gardening. Her philanthropy supported everything from massive art donations to funding child welfare programs and rescuing historic buildings in Newport, RI.
Another part of her legacy, Duke Farms, welcomes the public for hiking, biking and environmental education.
The orientation center, formerly the horse and dairy barn, offers interactive exhibits, instructions for a geocaching adventure, a small cafe, bikes to borrow, and Eco-Kits with binoculars, a compass, and a field guide. The bikes are free to borrow but are checked out quickly on the weekends; get there early or bring your own. Trams are available if your walking is limited and you want to get an overview of the property.  Be sure to step off at the Orchid Range, a beautiful glass greenhouse full of exotic orchids. Every Saturday through the end of October, produce grown on the estate is available to purchase.

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