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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Post Labor Day, a Labor-Free (reduced) Meal

Did you have your fill of hot dogs, burgers and BBQ on Labor Day? Are you looking for something quick and cow-less for tonight's supper? You probably have everything you need in your kitchen for  this yummy dish, Pasta with Corn and Caramalized Onions. I found the recipe on the back of a package of Al Dente  Squid Ink Fettuccine. I've made it many times, my husband loves the squid ink pasta but I am not a fan, so I substitute whole wheat spaghetti for myself. It annoys me to make his n' her's pasta in two pots (he won't touch whole wheat) but the topping comes together in one pan so clean-up isn't terrible.
I could not find the recipe on the Al Dente website, but luckily I had a package in my cupboard. Maybe they changed their packaging, so if you like it, print it or bookmark this post.
Now I will laboriously type out the recipe!
The finished dish shown with whole wheat spaghetti
1/2 cup of thawed corn kernels ( I use fresh if I have it)
1 medium peeled and finely chopped onion (I use a container of pre-diced onion)
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (I won't copy Rachael Ray and say EVOO)
1/2 cup each chicken broth and parsley
Grated rind of 1 lemon,1/2 mixed with parsley, 1/2 reserved for final prep
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
1 bag of Al Dente Squid Ink Pasta or your favorite twirly variety
In a large skillet,saute onions in butter and 1 Tbsp olive oil until transparent. Add chicken broth, a dash of salt and three vigorous turns of the pepper mill and cook until liquid is absorbed.Turn down the heat and caramelize for a few minutes. Add corn and cook another 3 minutes.

In pasta pot toss hot pasta with remaining olive oil, lemon juice, lemon-parsley mix and onions. Garnish with grated lemon.

Caramelized onions and corn
Combining the ingredients

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Anonymous said...

This recipe is still on the Al Dente website but the label design is slightly different.