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Friday, July 12, 2013


Santa Suit for hamsters
It was hot and muggy in NYC yesterday, and while normal people were planning their weekend escapes to the Hamptons, the shore or wrangling an invitation to a pool, a small army of bloggers, vloggers, media personalities and editors were discovering ways to spread Yuletide cheer.  Yep, Xmas in July is when we all start working on our gift guides, trying to find #newproducts and #great gifts for you, your loved ones and yes, your beloved pets.
An interesting find was at the #petco booth. I've seen dogs in motorcycle jackets, jewels, sweaters and tutus but I was unaware of clothing for hamsters and guinea pigs! #petco has a  line of clothing and accessories for your tiny furry friends so they can dress for the holidays. A great addition to #awkwardfamilyportraits! #notajoke

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