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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The World's Longest Flight, 19 hours to...

Does 19 hours in the sky sound scarier than snakes on a plane? No worries, if you’re on Singapore Airlines Flight 21, from Newark, NJ to Singapore, it's not daunting, it's fun! The all-business class flight has just 100 passengers on board. Prepare to be pampered. Seats convert into beds and a personal entertainment center has hundreds of movies, games and applications.
The seating is a 1-2-1 configuration. I settled in to the solo seat against the window, it was like having my own little nest with everything I needed an arms length away. Pillow? Check. Power port? Check. Headphones? Whoa, check it out! The headphones were an ultra comfy noise cancellation model, not the standard ear buds that fall out and need constant adjustment. My “Singapore Girl,” er, flight attendant, greeted me with champagne, newspapers, magazines and menus for my “after take-off drink" and dinner. I settled on a lovely chardonnay from Napa and intently studied the choices for dinner. Strange blue smurf-like slippers are handed out and I'm glad I brought my own bamboo slipper-socks since the smurfy ones had a very synthetic feel to them.
After take-off, I enjoyed my wine and read the NY Times, but I had work to do (write this article) so begrudgingly, I take out my laptop, plug it into my personal power port and start my journal. Behind me I hear the clinking of dishes signaling me that the meal service had begun, allowing me to procrastinate. I tucked my laptop away and my tray is covered with a white linen cloth. A lovely first course of nicoise salad and scallops is set before me. Several choices are offered for the main course and I picked Braised Duck Confit with sauteed mushrooms and eggplant.

Have I really been on the plane for two hours? This is cake! Well, actually, it’s ice cream. A bowl of chocolate truffle ice cream is presented and I accept, deluding myself into believing that calories consumed in the air don’t count.
Time to pick a movie. There are 151 choices including new releases, classics and stage performances from all over the world. There are 180 TV shows, 80 games, 20 applications (learn a new language or study a city map), 779 CDs and 22 radio stations. I chose “Toast,” a quirky English film, and afterwards decided convert my seat into a bed. It's very comfortable, but sleep is just not happening. The cheese and fruit cart rolls by, followed by a selection of chocolates. I prop myself up in “bed” and watch “What Ever Happened to the Morgans?” and it surprises me that its not half bad.
I check the handset, 11 hours and 17 minutes to go. Should I open my laptop, watch another movie, try to learn Chinese or go to sleep? Snore...

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