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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Return of the Ninja...to Costco

A typical Costco outing; I went with a list and sub-combed to an impulse buy, the Ninja blender. Yes! I wanted fresh juice and healthy smoothies! Oh, yes, I wanted to crush ice and make frozen blended coffee! The TV ads played in my brain and I excitedly plunked that Ninja right into my cart.
See the lovely smiling lady in the picture on the left? After she drinks her delicious strawberry smoothie, that smile will be wiped from her Ninja face. She will turn red and start cursing. The TV ads neglected to tell her two things.  First, while the motor does what's advertised, the sound level is akin to having a jet take-off in your kitchen. Extremely high pitched and annoying. Second,when the blender is empty, taking off the top is a struggle, even a Ninja warrior will have trouble.
Because I'm lazy and because I really enjoy a frozen blended almond milk-agave-decaf coffee, I was willing to put up with the inconvenience and sound effects.
After about a month, when I no longer had the receipt or the box, I could not remove the lid. I called in the big guns (my husband's biceps) and after giving it a go, the lid snapped in two, leaving half of it on the blender. Aaaargh! Now the blender is useless. This was not just a couple bucks, this was about $200.
Friends told me I should return it to Costco. Oh, sure, sans receipt, sans box? But okay, I decided to try. I put all the parts into two shopping bags and trudged back to Costco, dreading the line and ready for a war. Well, the Ninja may have been disappointing, but the clerk at Costco cheerfully took my return. Wow, a company that stands behind the products they sell! Thank-you Costco!

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