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Monday, October 31, 2011

Over the Brooklyn Bridge

    So, I was wrong! It wasn't a folly. It was wonderful. I was looking at 10 inches of snow on my NJ lawn when my husband suggested we join friends to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Good thing he didn't listen to my nay-saying as we discovered neighing of a different nature.
    The sun was bright and the wind was light as we walked from Manhattan to Dumbo. Not a speck of snow anywhere. On the Fulton Ferry Pier, people were watching the boats and chowing down on  banana splits from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.
   A short walk away in Brooklyn Bridge Park, the newly opened Jane's Carousel was delighting gaggles of children and some very fashionable ladies.
   The young women, part of a bachelorette party, rode the splendid hand-carved horses on the carousel dressed in vintage garb.
   The 1922 carousel was lovingly restored by artist Jane Walentas and donated to the park by Walentas and her developer husband, David.

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