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Friday, August 5, 2011

La Toilette Eccentric

Blushing and flushing...that's what happened when I visited the lu at the rooftop bar atop the Standard Hotel, (NYC). Sure, it was a "onesie," completely private EXCEPT for the floor to ceiling window and NO SHADE.

At Gastroarte (formerly Graffit), NYC, the fabulous painting reflects the Chef's roots as a graffiti artist. Amazing what can be done with just two colors of paint.

Make-up stations at Changi Airport
And the grandest airport bathroom was at Changi Terminal in Singapore, replete with make-up stations and an interactive flat screen terminal that asks you to "rate the bathroom." Should you find it less than stellar, it asks you "why?" and quickly dispatches an attendant to refill the toilet paper or fix the problem.

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