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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Fishy Story about Feet

 "Ewwwww! You want me to put my feet in the pond and let fish eat the dead skin?  Really?  Ummm.........okay." 
Did I just say "okay" out loud?  Yep, I must have, because the attendant already had a foot bath ready for me and my credit card in her hand. Was it a momentary lapse of judgment or just a way to escape the heat of Singapore? I'll never know.
I took a seat on the wooden floor along with several other patrons at Kenko's Fish Spa and placed my feet into a lovely "pond" full of plants, rocks and hundreds of fish.
Slightly creepy and strangely relaxing, the "fish pedicure" is becoming widely popular in Asia. It was not all painful or slimy, it felt tingly and peculiar. While anything touching me in the ocean or a lake is enough to send me running for the shore, somehow knowing the fish were supposed to touch (uh, nibble) you made me feel comfortable.
There's all kinds of crazy things we do to look and feel better, and this is one of them! Another is the bird poop facial but I really don't see that in my future.
The end result? My feet were definitely softer and totally sandal worthy.  If your curious about the treatment but not traveling to Asia just yet, there are two spas in Virginia offering the treatment.

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rona said...

Love this post and this idea! hilarious!