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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Yum Summer

I'm hot, I'm thirst-t-t-y, I want a frosty blended drink that's not a meals' worth of calories!!!
Someone (well Starbucks) heard me whining!  I was never a fan of the  Frappuccinos before because of the artificial taste in the flavored syrups.
Now there's a whole new way to order and I am so h-a-p-p-y and less annoying when I order.   
The sign in Starbuck's says "Pick your milk, pick your coffee and pick your add-ins."
So I thought I had it covered when I marched up to the counter and said,
"I 'd like a non-fat frappuccinno with a shot of espresso." Hmmm... the barista frowned and asked me "What size? Do you want coffee? Do you want whipped cream?" The people behind me rolled their eyes and sighed.
After some internet research I learned that all orders should start with the size. A "skinny" means non-fat (or skim) and a Coffee Light is non-fat milk, no whip and lightly sweetened with Stevia. Armed with this knowledge, I returned to Starbucks and ordered with confidence-- "I'd like a Grande, Coffee Light Frappuccinno with a shot of Espresso...please."
The barista SMILED at me, my drink was perfect and about 150 calories...life is good!

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