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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Joining the Jet Set

East Coast Experience
Instead of waiting for your plane, the plane waits for you. The captain says, "Ladies and Gentleman, we are first in line for take-off" and it's TRUE!
In under an hour you're at your first destination and ground transportation meets you on the jetway.  The luggage is collected (you never touch it!) and will be waiting in your hotel room. You're swiftly escorted to your activities without standing in-line or opening your wallet.
After a jam-packed day of fun, as you wearily approach the hotel, your tour host hands you the key to your room enabling you to bypass the check-in desk.
This is the alternate universe that Mauiva AirCruise is creating and it's one I  want to travel in from now on.
Currently Mauiva runs an East Coast and a West Coast guided group (under 30 people) vacation  that will help you visit some of those important sites on your bucket list in a pampering fashion. All entry fees, daily breakfasts and dinners, travel, hotel and guides are included in the AirCruise price (about $1,500 for the East Coast experience with a discount for kids.) More itineraries are in the works!
West Coast Experience

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Kevin Clarke said...

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Please be sure to check out our West Coast Tour and East Coast Tour itinerary as well. There may be changes for 2014.