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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The M.O. for the M O

 The Modus Operandi at the Mandarin Oriental
The M. O. for Mandarin Oriental has always been to be impeccably chic and their new address in Paris on Rue-Saint Honoré promises to live up to every expectation.  As in their other properties, the design (by Sybille de Margerie) will reflect its surroundings and have an Asian flare. 
But France is not the only news maker, hotel executives from Singapore to Geneva welcomed a group of select journalists (and moi) to a spring lunch in New York City to talk about their individual properties too. (more on those to come!)
The luncheon showcased the talents of chefs Joel Huff (Azul,Miami), Brandon Kida (Asiate, New York), Mike Gordon (Mandarin Oriental, New York) and Eric Ziebold (CityZen, Washington, D.C.).
Chef Kida's  first course (below) was Tuna Dégustation, a stunningly composed selection of tuna punctuated with Meyer Lemon Ponzu, caviar and cypress blossom.

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