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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jumping on the Bed with Betsey Johnson

Betsey, Betsey! This fashion dynamo has created the ultimate girly-girl retreat at one of NYC's most famous hotels...the Plaza.
With a bit of mischief and a lot of panache, Johnson has combined hot pink, zebra and touches of gold to bring playfulness to this posh palace.
Young guests can munch on color coordinated candies and cupcakes and dress-up in the provided petticoats and princess crowns.

The Plaza’s legendary Palm Court serves a special ‘Eloise Tea’ complete with favorites such as miniature grilled cheese and organic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, freshly baked, warm seasonal scones, cupcakes, and a cookie that looks just like our heroine. For more information contact the Eloise Ambassador directly at eloiseattheplaza@fairmont.com and 646-599-8365.
For more information on the Plaza Hotel, check out "What's Your New York State of Mind?"below:

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Anonymous said...

Love it, but I remember predominant pink and black from the olden days, oh say 60's, or maybe from the era of "Hello Kitty." Still shouws you that phun can be recycled in Luxe Lane.