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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Berry Pleasing Popovers

Sometimes a diva's got to take off the tiara and serve breakfast--and its gotta be good and its gotta be fast (does that have a familiar ring to it??)
I came up with the perfect rise n' shine repast with a touch of elegance. 
I whipped up these totally yummy pop-overs using the  Williams-Sonoma nonstick popover pan. The recipe comes on the back (just flour, eggs, butter and milk) and can be found on-line too. For the record or for a popover emergency, I have used muffin tins but the result is much better with the pan.
The perfect accompaniment?  Blackberry preserves from Nashville's Loveless Motel & Cafe, a hallowed spot for fried chicken, biscuits and down-home cooking. Yes, you could buy any brand at the supermarket but you'd be missing out.  Made the old-fashioned way with just two ingredients-- whole Marion blackberries and sugar-- you'll want to make these delicious preserves a staple in your pantry. Order on line at www.hamsandjams.com



Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the Loveless! Jam is a lot easier to take home than fried chicken!

Anonymous said...

nothing loveless about the preserves or popovers. Delicious..............................


No longer hungry in Boonton