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Saturday, May 29, 2010


You’re not going to find these words in Webster’s but they’re indispensable to modern vernacular.
Daily Candy Lexicon: Words that Don’t Exist But Should is a witty reference book that truly defines our times.
“I was really looking forward to a scrumptious dinner after eating mean cuisine for two weeks but all I got was mediocre food, a schlocktail, and a huge carbonara footprint to show for it.”

Mean Cuisine
n. Tiny portioned, disgusting tasting frozen food
n. Lame, themed drink, often seen at cheesy events and made
with some sort of flavored liqueur.
adj. To leave an obvious trail when snooping
through your mate’s belongings.

n. The loudness one adopts in response to a bad cell-phone connection,
in the misguided hope that talking louder will improve it.

Carbonara Footprint
n. Obvious and deleterious effects of overindulgence
in creamy pasta dishes.

Cry Day the 13th
n. The day before Valentine’s Day if you’re single.

n. Dreaded dressing-room mirrors that
exacerbate every flaw on your body.

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