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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Drinks for Electile Disfunction

Electile problems got you down?
Drown your sorrows in one of The Gypsy Bar's signature Electoral Cocktails.

Ready for change? Barack the vote with Ciroc Vodka, Blue Curacao, lime juice,
Sprite and a lime garnish served over ice in a rocks glass.
It’s the maverick of cocktails – a reformed margarita made from
Siembra Azul Reposado, Grand Marnier, fresh lime and
pomegranate juice served over ice.
For all those non-partisan types, this one is, like, totally hot!
Show your independence with a Stoli Raspberri Cosmo and lemon garnish
served up in a martini glass.
The Gypsy Bar, the Borgata, Atlantic City, http://www.theborgatanightlife.com/

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Sara Mu said...

This is too funny. I wish I had seen it sooner.