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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Delano Hotel, Las Vegas

Going to #vegasbaby? Hate throngs of people? The new Delano Hotel,
in the Mandalay Bay complex, may be what you're looking for. Noticeably (and pleasingly) absent is a casino. Like it's sexy sister in Miami, the lobby is sophisticated and a chill place to have a drink. Guest rooms are all true suites; the bedroom and living room are completely separate. Master bathrooms are large and luxurious, dressed in chocolate marble and stocked with high-end amenities, a flat screen TV, a magnifying mirror, and stacks of fluffy towels. For convenience, there is also a half bathroom in the foyer.
Guests can enjoy the small Lazy River, the wave pool (lots of lifeguards) or the Delano private pool. Two great shows are an easy walk, Carlos Santana at the Hard Rock and Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson One, both at the Mandalay.
Negatives: There is a $4 charge to use the in-room Keurig and the bathrobes are made of a clammy microfiber instead of a nice, light weight cotton. The pool complex, shared with Mandalay Bay, is a long, winding walk. Shade comes at a price, $25 for each seat and $25 for each umbrella. The Delano Beach Club, described as "a luxurious pool club with whimsical elements" is claustrophobic with lounges jammed up against each other. Tubes for Lazy River must be purchased.
The daily resort fee of $25 includes use of a small, windowless gym and sadly, inexcusably, the Delano charges another $25 to use the hot tub and sauna in the Delano Spa.
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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Well, more likely, I'm either stuffed or starving! But lets just say it's mealtime and all the  "shoulds" are floating thru your brain. I should eat something healthy, I should eat unprocessed food and I should eat more vegetables. Now the "wants"; I want something quick, I want something easy, I want something tasty. If the wants win, I'd be munching on a classic smashburger! Luckily the "shoulds" usually keep me out of trouble, but how many days can you eat steamed veggies and chicken? While I really do love veggies, it takes a lot of effort to make them enticing.

So when Hungryroot's email flew into my mailbox, it got my attention.

They had me at 7-minutes.
In their own words,  "food doesn't have to leave an aftertaste of regret. Our mission is to unleash the flavor of vegetables, bring them to the center of your plate, and make them a craveable meal."
The flavorful descriptions leapt off the page at me; Turnip Noodles with Toasted Walnut Pesto, Sweet Potato Noodles with Creamy Cashew Alfredo, Beet Noodles with Savory Thai Sesame Sauce.
NOTE: Don't expect NOODLES! These are spiralized vegetables!
I got out my credit card. I ordered five kits. Hungryroot claims their proprietary packaging will maintain  crunch and flavor for 10 days although it has no preservatives. I ordered in the morning and couldn't believe they were at my door the next day. They came in a styrofoam cooler with ice-packs.
I've made the Sweet Potato Noodles with Creamy Cashew Alfredo, Beet Noodles with Savory Thai Sesame Sauce and the Rutabaga Noodles. All are available with a small portion of chicken (very small, but just an extra $2). All were tasty, my only criticism is that they could be a bit more generous with the garnishes, like more brussel sprouts in the Sweet Potato Noodles. The kits are sold as an entree for one, but we also like to split them and use as a side dish.
Bonus: this is not a subscription service, order whatever quantity you want, whenever you want.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tale of Two Briskets

Photo and Brisket by Ree Drummond, thepioneerwoman.com

When it comes to Passover brisket, who ya gonna trust? Bubbe or a shiksa that lives on an isolated cattle ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma?
Sorry, Bubbe. I made two briskets this year, yours and Ree Drummond's (thepioneerwoman.com),
and Ree's was so tender, so delicious and the talk of the Seder. The crazy thing is, it was so simple. Ketchup and onion soup mix. That's it. No beer, no cranberry sauce, no BBQ sauce. Ketchup and onion soup mix.
I think it's the technique that makes it so good. After Drummond mixes the ketchup and onion soup mix, she lets the brisket marinate 12-24 hours. Then she covers it with foil, puts in a 275-degree oven and cooks it for 6-8 hours. For the complete recipe, click here.
That gal from Pawhuska sure knows her brisket! But Bubbe, no one can compete with your noodle kugel!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That Annoying Woman at Costco

  Tsk. Sigh. Roll eyes. Glare. That woman is holding up the line! She can't find her Costco card. Really? She got in with it. What an idiot!
  Yes, well....that idiot was me. And the lady behind me? She exhibited none of the behaviors first described. Instead, she gave me a big smile and said, "no problem, happens to me all the time."
  When the cashier had to go get me a temporary card, and I apologized profusely, she said, "no worries, I'm not in a rush."
   Thank you, Costco Lady, for your patience and kindness. I harnessed your good will and humanity on the bus the other day. I didn't tsk, sigh or roll my eyes when the guy in front of me paid his $13 fare in change.  Well, I did roll my eyes but I was wearing sunglasses so no one saw. I mean, really, $13 in change!

Monday, June 2, 2014

"Chef" - A Deliciously Fun Film

When was the last time you saw a film where the audience laughed outloud and burst into spontaneous applause at the end? For me, it was last night, during a screening of Chef. The tasty storyline follows a down-on-his-luck chef as he navigates starting a food truck, family ties and Twitter. Go with a date, go with your grandma, go with your tween, but don't go hungry! There's nothing inappropriate in this movie, but there's lots of food porn! Great music too!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Make-up Maven at Saks, Short Hills

Sugar Mommy, I miss you but my waistline doesn't! Former Sugar Mommy (she'll always be Sugar Mommy to me), Lori Levenson, has turned her artistic talents to make-up. Instead of making sugary, sweet cupcakes this Make-Up Maven is ready to make you look sweet...or glamorous...or just better!    
Pre-kids, pre-cupcakes, Levonson was a make-up artist at Barneys at the Bobbi Brown counter. Now she's at Saks in the Mall at Short Hills stationed at the Chanel counter. From creating a smokey eye to finding the right foundation, Suga ..um, Lori, will guide you to the right products with humor and without being pushy. She even guided me to a product outside her line because she felt it was the most beneficial.
The goodies I bought are shown above. I went in specifically for foundation and am very happy with the formula and color Lori picked for me. I've been using the Perfection Lumiere Long-Wear foundation ($57) for a week now and find it easy to apply, with good coverage and lasts for the day. I love that it has sunscreen in it and it comes in 20 shades.  For lips, Lori picked Aqua Crayon Lip Colour Stick in Brown Copper ($29) as a liner and finished with Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color ($35). Both glided on easily and helped soften and condition my lips. I was going to skip the liner since I had a few (quite a few!) at home that I liked, but I am so happy I bought it. The color is really beautiful and it goes on so smoothly. I also really appreciate that its self-sharpening so the line is always precise and my make-up counter is free of pencil shavings.
At my next visit, Lori promised to teach me how to apply false eyelashes--wink!
Follow Lori Levenson on Instagram @ALLABOUT BEAUTY_SAKS
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rails Steakhouse Chugging Towards Summer

"Good things come to those who wait"
In the case of Rails Steakhouse, we're just going to have to wait a little bit longer!  Judging from today's visit, it will be well worth it. Construction started two years ago and Jim Stathis, Design and Construction Manager, is hoping for a summer opening.
Today I joined Stathis and the Morris Chamber of Commerce for a sneak peak inside the 3-story timber framed structure and learned Rails is part of Towaco Crossing, a mixed use building that also has 7,500 square feet of retail space and 6 apartments.
       Stathis and his sassy, curly-topped wife, Lisa, envision Towaco Crossing to become the walk-able town center that Montville is lacking.
      The couple's passion and creativity is evident throughout Rails. They're planning a Speakeasy in the basement with a 1930's vibe, an atrium displaying sculpture from local artists, comfy couches in the lounge and cozy spaces for private parties. Private wine lockers for VIP members will hold up to a case of wine and no corkage fee will be charged. Truly innovative is another level of membership that will include car service. A fantastic idea for those that like to imbibe (and I do!).
       Of course, stunning design can't keep a restaurant open, the food and service is what keeps customers happy. Dining Operations Manager, Michael Mulligan (above), prepared an enticing selection for us to try. Mulligan graced our plates with an exquisitely charred Tomahawk steak, rosemary Shrimp, brussel sprouts with bacon and a layered gratin of potatoes with Maytag Bleu Cheese. Can't wait for this culinary train to get on track!
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